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“Sure I'm for helping the elderly. I'm going to be old myself some day."

Lillian Carter
stated while in her 80s


Goals, Impact & Evaluation


  • To maintain a group of fully trained residents able to provide effective health promotion and prevention programs to diverse population of older adults
  • To ensure on-going financial support for the offering of effective health promotion and prevention programs
  • To provide a forum for planning, coordination, technical assistance and peer learning for all regional organizations offering selected health programs
  • To engage a group of local, state and national leaders to provide the Collaborative with expert guidance and assistance
  • To evaluate and share findings and lessons learned

Desired Impact

  • Increase the number of older adults who get enough physical activity
  • Decrease falls and fall injuries
  • Decrease the number of older adults who limit their daily activities due to illness or disability
  • Increase quality of life
  • Reduce depression among homebound older adults
  • Decrease preventable hospital visits
  • Reduce health care costs

Evaluation and Monitoring

The organizations implementing the programs, known as the Program Network members, are using the RE-AIM framework for planning and evaluation. RE-AIM is an on-going effort to plan and assess the following domains: reach, adoption, effectiveness, implementation and maintenance.  Information about RE-AIM is available at: re-aim.org.

Health Foundation of South Florida selected Florida International University’s Stempel School of Public Health to serve as the local evaluation team (LET). They work with the Program Network members to facilitate data collection and ensure that information is available for quality assurance.