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“Health is the key to life! It is a pleasure to participate actively and it is beneficial to use weights for our muscles.”

Alex Hirsh
85-years-young program participant at Miami Beach Senior Center 


Why Healthy Aging

When people enter the sixty and over phase of life, most haven't planned for their well being. How will they maintain their fitness and energy level to fend off the single greatest issue affecting their future quality of life: the high probability of chronic disease.

The Alliance for Aging Research reports that by age 65, nearly nine out of ten Americans will have at least one chronic condition. Most Americans drastically underestimate their chances of getting a chronic disease. An enhanced focus on promoting and preserving the health of older adults is essential if we are to effectively address the health and economic challenges of an aging society.

Taking on this challenge is the Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative. By bringing local, state and national leaders together, and giving health organizations in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties the tools they need to provide and promote medical exams, diet and exercise, the Collaborative is ensuring that added years – are healthy years for South Floridians.


  1. Health is strongly linked to the quality of life in older adulthood.
  2. Families, businesses and communities depend upon older adults every day as leaders, caregivers, mentors and volunteers.
  3. Older adults are at higher risk of losing their independence due to preventable injury and/or disability.
  4. Substantial amounts of health care and nursing home costs can be avoided.
  5. Effective, low-cost programs that improve the health of older adults exist but are not widely offered.
  6. We have a responsibility to a group of community members that have contributed immeasurably to the world we live in.
  7. The societal costs of ignoring healthy aging will be catastrophic as the Baby Boomers reach older adulthood.